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Our mission is to provide green products from trusted manufacturers that you can buy from the comfort of your home.


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Power Tools for Women

Power tools aren’t just for men, that is a thing of the past. Women use power tools all the time now. The use of power tools by women has evolved as the family structure changed over time. Women have become more independent and the chores of the household have become less divided by gender.

While women can operate most any power tool, there are some out there designed specifically for women to use. Don’t worry, they aren’t pink and cute! The Barbara K line features a cordless drill that is very light, yet very powerful. The cordless power screwdriver is the best selling power tool of the line. It is light weight and very easy to use.

The Unbelievable Saw is a hand saw for women that is great for cutting limbs. This saw cuts well and is simple to use. It is also light weight. Women enjoy doing home projects, and finding the right tool can be hard. Black and Decker offers the Project Mate. It is a three in one tool – featuring a scraper, detail sander, and a screwdriver. It doesn’t weight much, fits in the palm of a lady’s hand, and fits in small spaces.

Wrenches can be difficult to maneuver in some areas. Craftsman has the Flex Wrench set in both standard and metric, with seven sizes of wrenches. They are great for getting into tight spaces. They also help give you some added strength to loosen or tighten anything.

A screwdriver is an essential tool for any woman to have. You never know when it will come in handy. Snap-on has the PentaGrip screwdriver that is amazing. It has a button on the top so you can lock the head into position. The handle is designed for smaller hands and has a soft grip.

Pliers to extract nails makes them a piece of cake to remove. It also prevents you from cutting your hands up on any sharp ones. They work great of headless nails too. These pliers are easy to use and easy to grip. The jaws are designed to increase the amount of force on the nail if you encounter some stubborn ones.

The idea of power tools for women is catching on. Five ladies from the University of Kansas are in the process of creating an entire line of power tools for women called Savvy tools. The line is meant to make power tools a more comfortable fit for women in the hopes of promoting safety and making them less intimidating. Bulky power tools are often hard for women to use. The first two power tools are in the works and even have names, Sandra Dee the Sander and Donna the Drill.

Power tools for women that are designed to help them complete projects are anticipated to sell well. Those manufacturers who take this market demand seriously are going to be able to profit from such products. The key is going to be conducting research and finding out what types of power tools women use and asking what they like and don’t like about them. Women don’t want just a smaller version of the power tools out there or the color changed to something pretty. They want power tools that are easy to use and get the job done.

Eco Hardware Store-Power Tools for Women

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