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Our mission is a proven fact, buying online tops the list of easy, low cost actions that have a big impact on the sustainability of our planet.

Our mission is to provide green products from trusted manufacturers that you can buy from the comfort of your home.


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Using a Drill to get your Project Done

Drills are a commonly used power tool for a variety of projects. It is very important that you use the right drill for the particular project. Power drills come in a variety of sizes. They are sized by the largest size of shank that will fit into the chuck. You will get more speed with a larger sized drill.

Drills are classified as being for light, medium, or heavy duty work. They start at 2 amps and go up to 5 amps. It is a good idea to purchase a drill that has more than one speed. This will give you more control when you are using it for various projects. One speeds do work well, but sometimes it will take you longer when you are doing a project. If the speed it too fast for the particular project then you can damage your project.

Different sized drills can handle a project better than others. It also depends on the types of materials you are working with such as concrete, metal, plastic, and wood. Do you want a drill that is fast or one that offers a great deal of torque? Maybe you need a drill that offers both for a heavy duty job? It is a good idea to evaluate what you plan to do with a drill both now and in the future before you make this decision.

An angle drill is great for getting into tight spaces. Choose a model that allows you several positions for the drill to operate in. It is also a good idea to use one that is lightweight. Some of the positions you have to use it in won’t give you enough area to have both hands on it.

You can choose to use a drill with or without a cord. The cord models are traditional, but cordless drills help reduce accidental falls due to tripping over the cord and possible electrocution. You can also use them in places where a power source isn’t conveniently located. One draw back is the possibility of the battery going dead.

Make sure you fully charge it on the power pack before you need it. Some people prefer to have an extra battery if they use their cordless drill often. They keep one in their drill and the other charged for a fast, easy swap.

Never force a drill to go in. If it is having difficulty, back it out some and then proceed slowly. You can damage the drill and cause injury to yourself it you attempt to drill a larger hole then the drill is capable of completing. Always wear safety glasses or goggles when you operate any type of drill. Always unplug the drill before you change the bit in it.

A drill is a very useful power tool is versatile enough to be used for a variety of projects. Making sure you use the right type of drill for the material you are working with as well as the right type and size of drill bit will ensure you get the best possible results from your drill. A drill bit chart is very useful. It lists the various types of drill bits and what they are recommended for. You can print one out for free from the internet.

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