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Our products have low VOCs and are made by companies that aim to reduce waste and conserve energy and natural resources.

Our sister stores Discount Paint have been in the business of selling paint products online for more than 5 years, with their founder having 20 years professional experience in the industry. With an establish reputation for outstanding customer service, we have evolved and, like the rest of the world, become more conscious of the environmental impact of our carbon footprint. Our goal now is to offer high quality eco-friendly products from trusted manufacturers that you can buy from the comfort of your home.

Our mission is a proven fact, buying online tops the list of easy, low cost actions that have a big impact on the sustainability of our planet.

Our mission is to provide green products from trusted manufacturers that you can buy from the comfort of your home.


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Use a Router to Enhance your Projects

A router is a very effective power tool for enhancing the design of any project. You can use a router on wood, fiberglass, and plastic. Use a router to engrave, shape, groove, or to make inlets. The cutting action on a router comes from the sides of it rather than the tip. For the best results, go with the grain as you use the router.

There are several different sizes of routers to choose from with various amounts of power and speeds. Some people enjoy using a router with a diamond wheel accessory so they can detail glass and ceramic items. Routers can be frustrating at first, but don’t be discouraged. Practicing with a router will show you exactly what it can and can’t do.

Make sure you don’t move the router too slow or you can burn the area you are working on. It can also make your bit very dull. Moving the router too fast is dangerous as well because your work with be rough and you will likely break your bit. It will take some time for you to get the feel for the right amount of pressure and speed to use with your router. If you listen to the router closely you will be able to hear a different sound when you are operating it correctly.

A creative person can do some amazing things with a router! The more knowledge you have about how your particular model of router works, the handier it will become. Routers are available with or without a cord. For the best results with a router, choose one that has a high amount of horsepower. It will be more versatile and help you complete your work accurately.

Regardless of the brand or size of router you choose to work with, it will have three basic parts – the base, motor, and collet. The motor is actually located inside of the base. The bit of the router is held in place by the collet. There are several different bases to choose from. A fixed base has a bottom plate that is round, side handles, and an adjustable height. Some models come with accessories attached to the side.

The D-shaped handle base offers a trigger to make the router turn on and off. It is very convenient. The base you choose depends on your own personal preference. Both styles are very efficient. If you plan to do a great deal with the router, consider purchasing a kit that has both bases, allowing you to interchange them.

Routers have more accessories than any other power tool on the market. There are several hundred bits you can choose from. A common accessory is a router table. They are great for trying to router very small parts, as they hold everything securely in place for you.

Routers are often quite loud, so make sure you wear ear plugs. They can also result in large amounts of dust particles in the air depending on the type of material you are working with. A respirator is a good idea if you are using a router on wood. Always wear eye protection when you operate a router. Don’t forget that the tip of the router may be hot when you are done using it.

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